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Sep 4, 2012 11:00am PDT
but when it came time for american auto manufacturers and workers, he said, you're on your own. let detroit go bankrupt. also, ryan and romney proposed the plan to privatize social security. if we listen to them pb people would have been totally flat on their backs with no retirement security when we went through the last economic downturn. >> caught flat-footed this weekend and you had the statement, one played over and over, and republicans used that to push back. why is there not a more definitive statement on this pr everyone representing the administration on sunday? >> what governor o'malley said is that we haven't recovered from the total collapse that we saw at the end of the last part of the bush administration. the president stopped the free-fall. and we are climbing out of it. the first thing was to make sure that we don't -- didn't go spiralling into the great depression. another one. you today stop the free-fall and turn the corner. what o'malley and others were saying and he clarified his remarks, was that we still have ground to make up. why would we go back to the same folks
Sep 3, 2012 11:00am PDT
biden's visit to detroit. the van was stolen from a hotel parking lot and found today. >>> what did the president think of clint eastwood's invisible obama in a chair at the rnc? today, mr. obama called himself a huge eastwood fan and said of being president, "if you're easily offended, you should probably choose another occupation." the response to the eastwood speech ended up being the most popular tweet of the rnc. the tweet showed the president, of course, sitting in the oval office with the caption "this seat's taken." >>> and there you go. the white house has released the recipe for its home-brewed beer. the ingredients for the ale include hops and chocolate malt. okay. >>> and paul ryan now says he did not run a marathon in less than three hours of the surprise. in an interview last week, ryan said he ran a "two hour and 50-something marathon." but ryan actually ran the marathon in four hours and one minute. ryan responded, "the race was more than 20 years ago." also, sarah palin has ryan beat by seconds. she once ran a marathon in three hours and 59 minutes. those are the th
Sep 6, 2012 11:00am PDT
, i would have abandoned detroit, is his weakest suit. while your commander in chief be presidential, but when you start getting into the economy, really throw some red meat to that crowd. by the time the president's done, you want this to be seen as a one-two punch, clinton, obama, with the first lady setting the stage. >> okay. thank you so much. always a great pleasure to get your history, your knowledge of it, and certainly the direction things are going in this country. we all need to look back occasionally, if not more often. thank you, douglas. ahead of tonight's acceptance speech by president obama and vice president biden, among those who will be setting the stage, congresswoman tammy baldwin, who's now running for one of the most important senate seats in this country, the crucial swing state of wisconsin. if she wins, she would become the first openly gay u.s. senator in history. also with us, philadelphia mayor michael nutter. they join us both from charlotte. thank you so much for your time. congresswoman, i'll start with you. we just heard the report that the romney cam
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)